Everyone's Your Friend

S1E1: Everyone's Your Friend

Well, not EVERYONE...

Seattle, 2076. Maybe not the Runner’s Golden Age, but there’s always jobs to do and the bills always need to be paid. Enter Peoples, BitShift, and Wheels, three down on their luck Seattlites fallen into Running.

Their fence, a known recruiter named “Honest John”, had an offer to protect the one and only Vendetta Violent as she swung through on her Seattle-leg of her most recent rock tour. The job is simple: Babysit VV for the week, if she needs back-up help her out, and don’t blow up Seattle in the process. Peoples negotiated for 11k nuyen plus expenses and their share of any money VV makes on side runs while she’s here.

Meanwhile, BitShift decided to engage in some high-stakes digital robbery and stole money from the Commlink of a man in the restaurant who turned out to be Johnny Gao, a major lieutenant in the Gao Yakuza family. After the meet Johnny invited BitShift over and a fight quickly broke out. It ended just as quickly as BitShift learned the pain associated when a Decker goes rounds with a Physical Adept.

Their mission planned and BitShift still smarting from the ass beating he received, they started prepping to rendezvous with Ms. Vendetta Violent.



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