Everyone's Your Friend

S1E2: A Bike/Dumpster Sandwich

VV, The Vatos, and Marty's

Intel in hand, the crew got into Wheels’ car and hit the airport in time to catch up with Vendetta at the Seattle Airport. After some words and BitShift and Peoples relating their plight to VV, she agreed to meet with Johnny Gao at their hotel, a flash hotel in Downtown called the Imperial Mandarin. There VV and Gao spoke and despite his best offer, VV turned Johnny down and went upstairs for some “baw-chicka-wow-wow” time with Peoples. Afterwards they got dolled up and started heading to Marty’s, a Runner club in the Barrens.

As you know, chummers, drek in the Sprawl don’t ever go to plan. So scan this, unknown to the team, they entered the territory of Los Vatos, a Go-Gang run by Raul Ortiz and his cousin Filipe Rodriguez. BitShift, not a hardened runner, went hostile and in a quick motion killed Filipe, causing his bike to slide into a dumpster, crushing him to death. When the team stopped, BitShift scrambled to get his Gang Fixer “Dick” on the Com, who smoothed things over in the immediate, but before the week was out BitShift would need to come explain to Filipe’s mom why her son had to die. Visibly affected by the realization of what he had done, they continued to Marty’s.

Marty’s was a great show for VV, except that halfway through her third song the club’s hostilities lights went yellow and before the team could really react People’s saw three guys dressed at ninjas slip into the club, pulls guns,at the stage, and fire…



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